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Simple things you can do to help your case

A little bit of book keeping and organization can go a long way.

Many debt collection agencies rely on  the fact that no one wants to deal with debt. It can be tough or embarrassing. They want you to hide your head in the sand.  Doing so is the worst thing you can do for your case.

  • Do not ignore any mailing or call from collectors.
  • SAVE ALL OF THE LETTERS from your creditors/debt collectors.
  • Keep screenshots and take notes of your phone calls.
  • Pull a copy of your credit report .
  • If you have voice mails, save copies and collect them.
  • And of course Call or email this office! 

CLE Presentation with Monroe County Bar Association


The DOs and DON’Ts of Debt Collection

On January 21, 2016, Alexander Douglas, along with Kevin Bambury, a bankruptcy attorney, and Curtis Johnson, a litigation attorney and chair of the Young Lawyers Section, gave a CLE presentation to 50+ attorneys at the Monroe County Bar Center for Education. Read more


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