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Client Resources & Info

Please try to have as much of this information as possible on hand when we speak.

  • Type of debt
  • Amount of debt
  • Age of debt (approx)
  • Date of last payment (approx)
  • Name of debt collector
  • Info on phone calls (quantity, content)
  • Scans of letters, if possible.
  • Information on Wage garnishment / frozen bank accounts, ETC

Here are some simple things you should do to help your case

  • Do not ignore any mailing or call from collectors.
  • SAVE ALL OF THE LETTERS from your creditors/debt collectors.
  • Keep screenshots and take notes of your phone calls.
  • Pull a copy of your credit report (if applicable).
  • If you have voice mails, save copies and collect them.
  • Call or email this office.
Client Resources & Info June 28, 2016


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